A new dimension for enhancing retirement plans

Utilizing index innovation to deliver protected growth

The Power Series of Index Annuities® from Corebridge Financial (formerly AIG Life and Retirement) was designed to help clients grow assets and increase income in changing interest rate environments.

With a uniquely differentiated set of index options from several well-known index providers and asset managers, you can provide solutions in your clients’ best interests and allocate premium across multiple strategies to help achieve diversification objectives. What’s more, the Power Series includes:

  • The new Dimensional US Foundations Index, built with robust data and backed by financial science to deliver innovative growth
  • Two living benefit rider options for increasing income
  • The strength and financial stability of a trusted insurance carrier

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The Dimensional US Foundations Index (the “Index”) is sponsored and published by Dimensional Fund Advisors LP (“Dimensional”), which has contracted with Salt Financial LLC (“Salt”) (each of Dimensional and Salt, an “IP Provider”, and which shall include each of their respective directors, officers, employees, representatives, delegates or agents) to provide intellectual property (the “IP”) that is used by Dimensional in connection with the maintenance and calculation of the Index. The use of “Dimensional” in the name of the Index and the related stylized mark(s) are service marks of Dimensional and have been licensed for use by American General Life Insurance Company (“AGL”). AGL has entered into a license agreement with Dimensional providing for the right to use the Index and related trademarks in connection with the Index Annuity (the “Financial Product”). The Financial Product is not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by any IP Provider, and no IP Provider makes any representation regarding the advisability of investing in such Financial Product. No IP Provider has any responsibilities, obligations or duties to investors in the Financial Product, nor does any IP Provider make any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use with respect to the Index or the IP, as applicable. No IP Provider guarantees the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the Index or the IP, as applicable, or any data included therein or the calculation thereof or any communications with respect thereto, as the case may be, and each has no liability for any errors, omissions or interruptions of the Index or the IP, as applicable, or in connection with its use. In no event shall any IP Provider have any liability of whatever nature for any losses, damages, costs, claims and expenses (including any special, punitive, direct, indirect or consequential damages (including lost profits)) arising out of matters relating to the use of the Index or the IP, as applicable, even if notified of the possibility of such damages. Each IP Provider has provided AGL with all material information related to the Index methodology and the maintenance, operation and calculation of the Index. No IP Provider makes any representation with respect to the completeness of information related to the Index provided by AGL in connection with the offer or sale of any Financial Product. No IP Provider published or approved this document, nor does any IP Provider accept any responsibility for its contents or use.

Index annuities are not a direct investment in the stock market. They are long-term insurance products with guarantees backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company. They provide the potential for interest to be credited based in part on the performance of the specified index, without the risk of loss of premium due to market downturns or fluctuations. Index annuities may not be appropriate for all clients.

Withdrawals may be subject to withdrawal charges. Withdrawals may also be subject to federal and/or state income taxes. An additional 10% federal tax may apply if clients make withdrawals or surrender their annuity before age 59½.

The Lifetime Income Plus Flex and Lifetime Income Plus Multiplier Flex guaranteed living benefit riders are available in select Power Series Index Annuities at the time of contract purchase for an annual fee of 1.10% of the Income Base. The rider cannot be changed after election. The Income Base is initially equal to the first eligible premium and is increased each time an eligible premium is made. It is also adjusted for withdrawals (prior to activation) and excess withdrawals (after activation). Eligible premiums are all premiums made in the first 30 days of the contract. On each contract anniversary, the Income Base may increase with any available income credits. The Maximum Annual Withdrawal Amount (MAWA) is the maximum amount clients can withdraw each year with Lifetime Income Plus Multiplier Flex or Lifetime Income Plus Flex. Withdrawals exceeding the MAWA will reduce future income. Please see the Owner Acknowledgment and Disclosure Statement for details.

This material is general in nature, was developed for educational use only, and is not intended to provide financial, legal, fiduciary, accounting or tax advice, nor is it intended to make any recommendations. Applicable laws and regulations are complex and subject to change. For legal, accounting or tax advice, clients should consult the appropriate professional.

Index annuities are issued by American General Life Insurance Company (AGL), Houston, TX. AGL is a member of Corebridge Financial, Inc. (Corebridge). The financial and contractual obligations are the responsibility of AGL and not Corebridge. AGL does not solicit, issue or deliver policies or contracts in the state of New York. Annuities and riders may vary by state, and are not available in all states. This material is not intended for use in the states of Idaho and New York.

Not FDIC or NCUA/NCUSIF Insured • May Lose Value • No Bank or Credit Union Guarantee • Not a Deposit • Not Insured by Any Federal Government Agency