Market-Leading Income: Where to Find It & How to Leverage It

Since their rollout this spring, enhancements to the guaranteed living benefit (GLB) riders in The Power Series of Index Annuities® have been generating some serious buzz. Turns out that’s because they’re also capable of generating industry-leading lifetime income guarantees that you can leverage to help clients meet their retirement goals.

Join us this week as Ted Johnson, VP of Sales at Market Synergy Group, provides a unique look at specific scenarios in which the Flex riders best deliver and how to capitalize on this powerful market opportunity before its gone.

Agents and advisors will discover:

  • Why declining interest rates and FIA pricing are challenging free withdrawal income strategies
  • How to re-discover the benefits of GLWBs to generate sustainable lifetime income guarantees
  • How it’s possible that “Guaranteed Income Is on Sale” and what that means for clients
  • The power of AIG and how they’ve been able to hold consumer benefits steady amid uncertainty
  • Why the strength of the Lifetime Income Plus Flex riders put AIG in a clear leadership position

Given the uncertainty of the future, now is the time to help clients lock in meaningful income payouts to create a more secure retirement. Fill out the form to complete your registration!

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Guaranteed Income on Sale

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